About 关于我们

What is the meaning of this?! 什么是Wit Mot?

Wit Mot is a team of dedicated teachers who are passionate about the humanities and education.

We offer college-level classes in English language, writing, and literature, as well as mentoring for college preparation and application. Our hope is that by teaching our students to read, write, and communicate better, we help them improve their abilities to think critically and understand themselves and better prepare them for higher education in English-speaking countries.

Our classes and services include:

- English and American Literature

- Creative and Academic Writing

- English Language and Linguistics

- College Counseling

Our teaching is best suited for students who are interested in studying the humanities at a college level, but do let us know if you are looking for something else–we may be able to provide one-on-one tutoring that meets your needs.

Wit Mot是一个致力于人文教育的地方。我们提供美国大学阶段的语言、写作和文学课程,以及大学申请辅导。我们希望通过英语文学和写作教育帮助学生提升思考能力和自我认识,并为前往英语为母语的国家学习做好准备。


- 英美文学

- 创意与学术写作

- 英语语言与语言学

- 升学规划与指导


Who are we? 我们是谁?

Wit Mot is run by David, a fiction writer and poet who studied English and film at Middlebury College and is getting his PhD in English at the University of Arizona, and Yashu, a creative nonfiction writer with a BA in English and American Literature and Spanish from Middlebury College and an MPhil in linguistics from the University of Cambridge.

We are both language lovers, deep thinkers, and conscientious educators. We believe that education is both a means and an end. While we teach our students the valuable skills they need, we try to inspire a sense of wonder and help students learn about the world and themselves. Our goal is to help each of our students grow intellectually and psychologically.

Wit Mot的主要师资包括:David,一名诗人和小说创作者,曾于美国明德学院攻读英美文学和电影研究,现于亚利桑那大学攻读英美文学博士;Yashu,一名精通中英西三语的创意非虚构作者,拥有美国明德学院英美文学和西班牙语本科学历,英国剑桥大学语言学硕士学历。


Need financial support? 需要经济支持?

We understand that education is becoming increasingly competitive and costly. Students and parents face a great amount of psychological and financial pressure as they strive for a bright future. Moreover, social inequality makes it hard for less wealthy families to access good educational resources.

We want to create more learning opportunities for students from less advantaged backgrounds. Though we charge a standard rate for of our services, a discount can be offered to students in need. Please reach out to discuss this possibility with us.



Interested? 想要加入吗?

Have a look at our classes and teachers. To ask a question, discuss your options, or start learning, please add mimibuona on WeChat or email witmotllc [at] gmail [dot] com.

你可以在课程教师页面了解更多详情,也欢迎你通过加微信 mimibouna 或发送邮件至 witmotllc [at] gmail [dot] com 与我们取得联系。