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Idea Completion—So What?

Osaka Castle Moat

Idea completion is essential to strong writing, yet people forget it all the time. Do you? To put it simply, if a statement lacks a clear connection or significance, it’s incomplete. Sometimes this is called “developing” ideas. But that suggests it’s something optional and additional–which it’s not.

Be specific.


When I edit an essay, I often leave the comment “be more specific.” Almost any essay or application can be improved through specificity. A precise statement helps you say more in fewer words, avoid confusion, and convey the uniqueness of yourself, your subject, and your experiences.

“You write to discover why you write”? Do you really?

Near Higashi-Matsubara Station

There’s something that drives me forward in life, and I want to understand it. Don’t you? There’s some quote I’ve heard a dozen times that doesn’t have a single source now if it ever did: “I write to discover why I write.” The same quote comes in different forms: “I dance to find out why I dance,” or even, “I live in order to learn why I’m alive.” It’s all the same idea. To be honest, most of the time when I hear someone say this, I suspect they say it more for style than for truth.