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“You write to discover why you write”? Do you really?

Near Higashi-Matsubara Station

There’s something that drives me forward in life, and I want to understand it. Don’t you? There’s some quote I’ve heard a dozen times that doesn’t have a single source now if it ever did: “I write to discover why I write.” The same quote comes in different forms: “I dance to find out why I dance,” or even, “I live in order to learn why I’m alive.” It’s all the same idea. To be honest, most of the time when I hear someone say this, I suspect they say it more for style than for truth.

How to live in Japan for three months

Setagaya, Japan

Somehow, I’ve arrived in Tokyo. I have a room, food, internet, insurance, and have already started meeting some interesting people. Before now, I had never been to Japan, nor did I know anyone in Japan. And plane tickets aside, I expect my living here to cost only slightly more than in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. If you work online like me or have a few months you’d like to spend somewhere different, here’s a convenient guide to bring you to 日本.