What is the meaning of this?!

Wit Mot is a community of educators who inspire exploration. We teach the skills for communicating professionally, creatively, and effectively, but moreover, we inspire a sense of wonder in the process. When we teach writing and English, we use topics that engage with global issues and deeper questions. And by combining our tutoring efforts, we hope to create a supportive learning community for both students and teachers alike.

Our teachers are all explorers in their own lives–both intellectually and geographically. That’s why our team is scattered all over the world. We offer in-person lessons when possible, but we prefer online lessons, because it makes it easy for both teachers and students to travel, seek, and discover. Through this website and social media, our students always have access to a supportive community.

If you didn’t catch it:

What is the meaning of this?! = Wit Mot?!

Email¬†witmotllc@gmail.com for lessons with any of our tutors. We’re happy to answer any and all questions. If you’re looking for tutoring in a subject we don’t list, chances are we can give you a great recommendation. We’re here to help!

Also, if you’re a qualified tutor who enjoys making discoveries with your students, contact witmotllc@gmail.com as well.

“Wit Mot?!”