Monthly archives: August, 2016

How to live in Japan for three months

Setagaya, Japan

Somehow, I’ve arrived in Tokyo. I have a room, food, internet, insurance, and have already started meeting some interesting people. Before now, I had never been to Japan, nor did I know anyone in Japan. And plane tickets aside, I expect my living here to cost only slightly more than in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. If you work online like me or have a few months you’d like to spend somewhere different, here’s a convenient guide to bring you to 日本.

Are commitments decisions?

Tinker Cliffs on the Appalachian Trail

As a kid, I figured that a young man became a writer by deciding to be one. I only needed to decide to start exercising, to start learning Japanese, to start reading the collected works of Shakespeare with enough sincere gusto that my goals would draw to me as if on the end of a string.